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You are IMPORTANT TO US! You are not dependent on us, we are dependent on you. You are our purpose and reason for being here. You are not an outsider to our business, you are a part of it. We are not doing you a favor by serving you. You are giving us a gift by allowing us to serve you.

Stay tuned for some exciting new product lines this year! You’ve probably also noticed that we launched a new website design. You can now pay with Paypal or all major credit cards.

Our new website is not just a new pretty face. It has some major upgrades that will make your online experience easier & also customized. The new inbloom website is now “responsive”, meaning it will adjust automatically based on the device you’re using, whether desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

Another great feature is the smart recommendation list to provide you with suggestions on how you can make your gift even more special. It is a great feature that will allow you to pick a special upgraded vase, or larger size bouquet that goes with that unique flower arrangement, and suggest other items that complement your gift like Chocolates and Teddy Bears.

The new search engine will allow you to easily search for an arrangement by flower type or color of the flower. If your favorite flower is gerbera daisies, you can type the word Gerbera in the search box on the top menu.

If while you are searching for a gift for someone else, you find something great you would love to get, you can either add it to your favorites or better yet, send someone a hint directly from the page that displays the product. This feature will improve over time but we wanted to make it available to you as soon as possible.

The cart has been upgraded too. It’s easier to use and it will allow you to store your multiple delivery addresses so you don’t have to type it in each time.

There are other great features to discover on your own and more will be added over time. But as with everything we do, this was all done for you, so please let us know what you think. If there is something that isn’t working quite right (as sometimes happens with a new website!), please let us know.

We've served well over half a million nationwide customers since our start, being early on the web (1993) and looking forward to many, many more.

Why Inbloom?

Our commitment and  guarantee to you:
"Florists exist to make important emotional statements on behalf of those they serve."

That said:  We remain committed to providing you the finest floral gifts available, and consider that we work with the finest Network of florists in the world, with our #1 Quality Partnership with FTD® and Teleflora®, who has ranked us in the Top 100 of their over 33,000 members.  Our dedicated staff of professional floral consultants are Florists first, sales people second.  Commitment to beauty and quality is a way of life to us.  We are in this business to stay, and our years of experience in our industry has taught us that, if you want quality flowers, you must go to flower experts.  Our state-of-the-art order tracking computer system allows us to mark Professional top notch florists we know and trust, who consistently provide us - and you- with the highest levels of quality floral arrangements.  And our many returning customers speak highly of our service and attention to detail.  And this is why we say...

"We consider our product more important than the US Mail!" compared to the others

If you have ordered from the big "800# Order Takers", you are in for a pleasant surprise when you order from   Most of them are simply outsourced overseas call centers staffed with phone room "flunkies" with no experience of the floral industry or flowers.  These companies learned that Order Taking was lucrative and rushed to join the ranks.  These are simply offices where your order gets pooled, electronically routed (no human intervention), and transmitted with hundreds (or thousands) of others and can't receive the personal attention your emotional statement deserves.  Every order we handle we manually review it and choose our filling florists carefully.

We are a National Company, connected with 33,000 of the finest florists, through our partnership with Teleflora® and FTD®, but beneath it all we are a true brick and mortar florist.  We are large enough to supply highest quality but small enough for individualized, personal attention.  We continue to experience growth in this part of our business  every year, have served over Half a Million customers, which must say we are doing it right!  We were very early to adopt web sales, before the big companies like FTD and 800 Flowers had online presences.

Why would you use us instead of choosing a florist local to your recipient?  Being local to  an area doesn't guarantee that your arrangement will be of value or fresh for  that matter. If that shop doesn't have a big following, chances are they don't  have much in inventory, and don't diligently rotate for freshness. We deal with  Professional Florists that we have built relationships with over many years.   When you call a shop to send flowers, they know you're in another state and most  likely wont see the flowers. Does being local guarantee that they are nice? Of  course not.  We have been doing this now for 29 years and over a Million long distance flower delivery orders, developed what we call our Golden Preferred  Florist List - florists we have used repeatedly that we know have the highest of  quality standards and professional timely delivery service.  When you deal  with us, being a real florist ourselves, we first guide you to the perfect  arrangement within your budget. We know which flowers goes with which, how much it should be and what's in season.  And most of all - what particular florist in your recipients city will give your emotional floral message the professional attention it deserves.  This is something you can't get choosing a florist from an internet yellow pages or "online floral directory", who list florists, simply on the basis of them writing a check, no quality inspections or testing whatsoever.

We are constantly improving our systems and service.  We have added the convenience of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service.  We are not interested in becoming the largest, but simply providing the best customer service possible, and growing our reputation, one happy customer at a time.

All of our employees are trained in flowers and floral arrangements in our flower shop, and all orders are handled through there, in a cheerful environment surrounded with the sights and smells of FLOWERS!  We handle your internet and telephone orders for nationwide delivery with the same care we handle our local deliveries.  We try very hard to find you the specific products you request.  If substitution is necessary, it MUST be of equal value.

Our substitution policy is:
1.  Timely delivery - floral gifts are important emotional statements using Flowers as the medium.  Timely delivery is of the utmost importance.  If a Florist is out of a particular decorative element such as a basket or vase, a similar one of equal or greater value will be used.
2.  The "look and feel" of the arrangement will be as close as possible.  Our Florists will pay close attention to design elements such as size, style, color balance, and when substitution is necessary, similarly shaped flowers will be used.
3.  Freshness is very important.  This is why substitution is allowed, because of regional differences in availability, florists are allowed to use what they have the best and freshest varieties of.
4.  Creativity - our network and experience has allowed us to mark exemplary florists who we can trust to interpret your emotional statement with all of the above elements.  We have handled well over a Million long distance flower deliveries, and have many happy returning customers.
5.  We are Florists first, marketers second.  We KNOW Flowers and we KNOW Florists.  We use our experience and connections in the industry to find the very best for you.

 If for any reason you feel we haven't represented your interests properly, and the flowers you ordered were not to the highest standards, we offer an unconditional replacement or money back guarantee.  If you would like replacement, we will contact the filling florist and request the flowers be replaced.  If you wish a refund, we ask that you arrange with the filling florist to have the flowers picked up or returned to them and we will process a full refund for you.