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You are IMPORTANT TO US! You are not dependent on us, we are dependent on you. You are our purpose and reason for being here. You are not an outsider to our business, you are a part of it. We are not doing you a favor by serving you. You are giving us a gift by allowing us to serve you.

Stay tuned for some exciting new product lines this year! You’ve probably also noticed that we launched a new website design. You can now pay with Paypal or all major credit cards.

Our new website is not just a new pretty face. It has some major upgrades that will make your online experience easier & also customized. The new inbloom website is now “responsive”, meaning it will adjust automatically based on the device you’re using, whether desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

Another great feature is the smart recommendation list to provide you with suggestions on how you can make your gift even more special. It is a great feature that will allow you to pick a special upgraded vase, or larger size bouquet that goes with that unique flower arrangement, and suggest other items that complement your gift like Chocolates and Teddy Bears.

The new search engine will allow you to easily search for an arrangement by flower type or color of the flower. If your favorite flower is gerbera daisies, you can type the word Gerbera in the search box on the top menu.

If while you are searching for a gift for someone else, you find something great you would love to get, you can either add it to your favorites or better yet, send someone a hint directly from the page that displays the product. This feature will improve over time but we wanted to make it available to you as soon as possible.

The cart has been upgraded too. It’s easier to use and it will allow you to store your multiple delivery addresses so you don’t have to type it in each time.

There are other great features to discover on your own and more will be added over time. But as with everything we do, this was all done for you, so please let us know what you think. If there is something that isn’t working quite right (as sometimes happens with a new website!), please let us know.

We've served well over half a million nationwide customers since our start, being early on the web (1993) and looking forward to many, many more.

Choosing Your Florist

Tips on Choosing your Florist

 With all the different  types, colors, textures, shapes and sizes of flowers, choosing the right kind of  flowers can seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately there are some simple  tips to help you find just the right florist for your needs.

For many people, choosing a  florist is based on convenience. They may find themselves gravitating towards a  particular florist simply because it is close to their homes or because their  supermarket has a flower department. However, if you truly want the best, you  have to be a little bit savvier when selecting your florist. Try looking one for  one who is affiliated with a professional group. Professional florists who  always try to be the best at their craft and business will belong to at least  one of several groups such as wire services like FTD, Teleflora, etc. They will  also be more likely to belong in other organizations such as a growers  association, civic groups and the local chamber of commerce. Affiliation with  these groups, especially wire services, not only say they are committed to their  craft but this will allow customers to send flowers just about anywhere.

Look for a florist with  quality products and good selection. The flowers should be fresh, the colors of  the flowers should be rich and the plants should look healthy. Don’t go for  florists whose flowers are already starting to show brown edges or wilting  plants. Look for product selection variety as well. Florists that have cut  flower arrangements, exotic flowers and tropical plants are usually considered  to be of better quality than those who don’t stock as many flowers. Florists  with a larger stock of flowers usually rotate freshness better as well.  A good  florist is also somebody highly creative. Their artistic expression should show  through the shop. If the florist has nothing else but the usual, ordinary bud  vases, the customer should start looking for other florists with a more artistic  flair. Creativity should be part of every good florist’s credentials.  We  believe this happens through accreditation with Floral Associations such as the  American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD), a prestigious organization that  tests and certifies florists with exceptional talent for design.

Aside from creativity, a  good florist also knows how to establish rapport with the customer. They must be  very good at customer relations because this is an important component of the  floristry business. They must able to answer customer questions well and be able  to provide customer with the same proper care and attention that he does to his  flowers.  A good florist should also remember the types of bouquets or  arrangements you prefer, he must be able to keep track of your occasions and  send you reminders about them. This happens with the use of modern floral  technology.  A good florist will also ask questions so they will know exactly  what your needs are.

Another vital part of the  business is the service. The florist must have his stall or establishment at a  place that is clean and easily accessible and he must be open at convenient  hours. A florist should also have a professional opinion ready, just in case  customers have a hard time deciding what he wants. In addition to having quality  flowers, a good florist will also have other complimentary products available,  such as nice, decorative vases, floral food, and other gifts such as teddy  bears, balloons, cards, etc.

A great florist will have  years of experience and many returning happy customers.  It’s really great to  find exceptional florist that you can always come back to whenever the occasion  calls for it.