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Tips For Ladies

Romancing a Stone? We have just the way to soften up the rough spots

One of the biggest concerns that a woman has when choosing a  gift for a man is how he would react to receiving flowers. Men  love flowers! It may come as a surprise that in a recent survey  conducted by the Society of American Florists, over 60% of men  surveyed said that they would like to receive flowers on  Valentines Day. This hardly seems shocking when you think about  the reason behind this occurrence -- men like to receive flowers  for the same reason that they send them…to be recognized.

All of us like to feel special, however, it requires a bit more  tact when you send flowers to a man. First, when selecting  flowers, stick to vivid hues such as orange, red, purple, bright  yellow and gold. Men respond best to bright, powerful colors.  Avoid pastels or traditional "feminine" designs. If you are  unsure about the types of flowers you can always start off by  sending a plant or dish garden.

Second, it is best to send contemporary or exotic arrangements.  Linear or natural styles are better received than "fluffy" ones.  In selecting an arrangement you can also try to incorporate his  favorite hobby into the design. If he is a golfer you can  include a box of golf balls. If he is into cars, maybe a car  magazine should be tucked in.

Third, when choosing the right time to send him flowers, think  about the occasions on which he sends you flowers. If he sends  you flowers for your birthday or your anniversary, maybe those  would be good times to send flowers to him. And don’t forget  about Valentines Day, a promotion, or as a host gift at one of  his parties.

Florists have known for decades that men love flowers, and today  there is an increasing trend of men buying flowers for their own  homes and offices. They too like a bright arrangement on their  desk or fragrant flowers in their foyer.



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