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The Boxed Flower Difference

Flowers  in a box vs. Professional Florist delivery 
Viva la difference!

the "WOW!"

The "Farm Fresh"  guy's "HUH?"

difference2.jpg The truth about flowers in a box delivery

The Do-It-Yourself Kit on the right is not how we spell Romantic!  

We NEVER ship flowers in a box, here's why... The stems and vase are packed separately in the box. They are tightly packed so there is lots of wrapping to undo. Your recipient will have to follow the instructions provided. First, they will have to re-cut the stems under water. Then pour warm water and the provided preservative into the vase. Then place the stems in the vase and try to arrange them. No WOW factor. No artistry. No style. And most importantly, no florist.

The truth about those "farm fresh" flowers - they are  sitting in a cooler somewhere waiting for you to order them.  "Picked  fresh" from the "fields of Philadelphia".  They would like you to believe  that when you place an order - Manuel heads out to the fields and picks them  fresh for you, but the truth is far from that.  In reality, all  drop-shippers of flowers, "pre-stage"  deliveries from flower coolers in Philadelphia, Memphis, and Miami.  They  are nothing like the lovely professionally arranged product photos they show on their site.
Our flowers are  always professionally arranged using quality glass vases  or baskets, fancy accent flowers and exotic greens, and  hand delivered by a Professional Florist in the  recipients area.  They are never left on the porch  by a FedEx Truck, in a do it yourself box to be arranged by the recipient of  your gift.

Sending boxed flowers as a gift?   They're NOT going to look like the picture advertised




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