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Your Florist as Translator
Tongue Tied?  No Problem!

Sending flowers to express your sentiments can be a powerful way to communicate when words fail. 

Science says  that women speak about 20,000 words per day, men about 7,000. Still, sometimes  there are occasions or  moments that render us speechless. There are also times  that, no matter what we say, we just can’t express what we truly feel. So we buy  jewelry, chocolates, CDs, make handmade cards, turn to poetry. Sometimes also,  we turn to flowers. Then we realize we’re in for quite a pickle! Among all the  hundreds of kinds and colors, shapes and textures of flowers, how do we really  know which kinds of flowers will best say what we’re trying to say?


That’s where  your florist as your translator comes in. A florist’s job is to guide you among  the myriad of flowers and pick just the right kind of flowers for your special  occasion. You might be trying to say I love you, or I’m sorry or get well soon.  Whatever occasion it may be, your florist is just the right person to help you  through it. After all, it is their craft and their business to express feelings  through flowers. Your florist as your translator helps you express your  feelings, sentiments and preferences.


You might not  be aware of it, but just the slightest difference in the colors of roses or  carnations may mean entirely different things. Your florist as your translator  will be an expert on what flower means what. For example, you are in a  relationship that’s relatively new and you want to give the girl some flowers to  say that you care for her. At the same time, you don’t want to scare her off  with the intensity of your feelings. Your professional florist as your  translator will know that you ought to give her pink roses instead of red.   Suppose also that you are planning to visit your sick grandmother in the  hospital, should you go for white flowers or yellow? Actually, both will do but  you might want to go for yellow, as sometimes white is used also in funeral  flower arrangements.


More than  knowing the very intricate nuances of flower meaning and flower color meaning,  however, your florist’s main job there is to assist you as you choose the right  flowers.  It is essential therefore, to choose your florists properly.


In choosing  your florist, look for a shop that offers just the right mix of products,  services and design style that suits your needs and your taste. Your florist as  your translator should be able to give you the proper attention and be able to  keep track of your floral preferences. This will give them a better idea of how  to help you more the next time you come. It will also be good if your florist  sends you reminders of your upcoming special occasions. Great florists strive to  create good working relationships with their clients. Also, when considering  which florist to go for, look for one that is most convenient for you but don’t  limit yourself. The most important thing is to look for shops that are open  during convenient hours and those shops that have a great, informative website  or are located in a venue that is easy to access.


A mark of a good florist is that they always ask questions about what you’re  looking for.  They not only ask questions, but also offer their own advice and  suggestions for the occasion, sentiment, home décor or personality you are  looking for. It also goes to mean that a good florist has artistic and creative  flair in his design and presentation. Finally, great florists, those who are  really committed to excellence, usually belong to professional groups such as  wire services and national trade associations.


We think you’ll find this winning combination in – your personal  floral translator!

Florist as Translator



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