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Couch Potato to Casanova

Go from Couch Potato to Casanova

How to Put the "Man" Back in RO-MAN-CE

According to a Survey of Women: No Need to Be Prince Charming

The question of how to woo women has haunted men since the dawn of time.  But now the answer is clear, thanks to recent research. Do women want to be  romanced by Prince Charming? Surprisingly, the answer is no.

As a Professional Flower Delivery person with thousands of deliveries made in my career, I can tell you that on significant dates like Birthdays and Anniversaries, often the woman is expecting them, almost tapping her foot awaiting their arrival, but when they aren't expecting it, that's when they gasp and everyone in the office wows over what a man she has.  (Not saying don't send Birthday/Anniversary flowers!) 

Always a Chance for Romance
A recent nationwide survey of women conducted by International  Communications Research offers new hope for the nation's legion of couch  potatoes: 80 percent of women say they could be romanced by a man who is  less than perfect.

While no man is a flawless Casanova, romance is not entirely foreign to  men. In fact, 91% - exactly the same percentage as women - feel romance is  important in a relationship.

What Women Want
What makes women happy? According to the survey, when it comes to romance,  actions speak louder than words. When asked how they would like the men in  their lives to add romance to their relationships, the top answer women gave  was for him to send her flowers unexpectedly (41 percent). Other popular  romantic gestures included cooking dinner for two, writing her a love song  or poem and watching a romantic movie together. A small percent said they  would even like to be fed grapes.

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Women and Romance Survey Results

The results below offer trends on women and romance. Percentages tally  the top answers provided by women, unless otherwise noted. The independent  survey of 1,000 women and men was conducted in April 2000 by International  Communications Research for the Society of American Florists.

Q. How important is romance to a relationship?

The same percentage of men and women agree that romance is important to a  relationship.

Men 91 %
Women 91 %

Q. Could you be  romanced by a man who is less than perfect?

80 percent of women surveyed agreed that they could be romanced by a man  who is less than perfect.

Q. What would you like your significant other to  do to add romance to your life?

When it comes to romance, women would like the men in their lives to:

41 % Send her flowers  unexpectedly
32 % Cook dinner for two
10 % Write her a poem or love  song
8 % Watch a romantic movie  together
2 % Feed her grapes

Q. Do you agree  that flowers continue to be a universal sign of romance?

88 percent of women surveyed named flowers a universal sign of romance.

Q. Which is or would be your favorite time to  receive flowers?

Women prefer to receive flowers:

74 % No special reason at all
15 % On a dating or marriage  anniversary
4 % Before an evening out to  say "I can't wait"
2 % After an evening out to  say "Thank you"
1 % At the door as you go  out for the evening



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