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Flowers as Art

Appreciating the Design of Mother Nature

Out of all the amazing things that God created on this earth, there's nothing quite like the beauty found in flowers. They just bring so much color and warmth into our world, don't they? It's hard to think of anything else that can liven things up with such natural beauty.  They're also Nature's Emotional Messengers.


Flowers can come in so many different forms, you know? We've got those fresh cut flowers, all vibrant and full of life. And then there are those green and blooming plants, just adding that touch of nature to any space. Flowers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, constantly surprising us with their variety.


And you won't believe it, but with technology these days, we've got more flower options available all year round! Fresh cut flowers, they can stand on their own or be mixed with others to create these stunning floral arrangements. Ever heard of anthuriums? They're such exotic, tropical flowers with these petal-like bracts that can be green, pink, white, or red. When they blossom, they have this patent leather-like feel to them. And get this: when we have them as cut flowers, they can stay fresh and vibrant for about three whole weeks!

Now, let me tell you about another beauty: the Bird of Paradise. These flowers truly live up to their name, looking just like the heads of tropical birds. Their flowers are these stunning, multi-colored blooms placed inside these pointy, green bracts. Think bright orange with those purple streaks, it's a sight to behold!


Oh, but how can we forget the daffodil? Those classic favorites with a cup surrounded by six outer petals, giving them that unique trumpet-like shape. Some stems produce just one beautiful flower, while others give us bunches of them. The colors can vary too, with the outer petals being white or yellow, while the cups may come in shades like yellow, orange, salmon, and white.

And let's not leave out the daisies! Gerbera daisies, they come in all sizes and varieties. Some have this spider look, while others are double-flowered or single-flowered. And you won't believe the array of colors they come in: pink, gold, salmon, cream, yellow, and white. Now that's some serious flower power!


And of course, we can't forget the rose. Classic, timeless, with about 120 varieties and practically all the colors of the rainbow. Pinks, purples, oranges, corals, whites, blues — you name it, the rose has got it covered.


But you know what? Green and blooming plants are just as stunning as the flowers themselves. Take African violets, for example. They've got these adorable heart-shaped leaves and petals that come in all kinds of colors like purple, lavender, pink, yellow, and white.

And we can't ignore the orchids. Would you believe there are around 17,000 species of orchid varieties known to us? Each one as striking and beautiful as the next. It's truly a marvel!

The fragrant lily is another gem among blooming plants. Sometimes called the Easter lily, they have these long, narrow leaves that hide a lone stem. But wait until they blossom! Those stems split into three to seven, with each stem showcasing a single, gorgeous bud. When they bloom, they can last for up to three weeks.


These are just a few examples of Mother Nature's breathtaking artwork, bringing incredible magic and color into our everyday lives. Keeps us in awe, doesn't it?

Flowers as Art 



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