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Flowers As Art

Flowers as Art
Appreciating Nature's Design

Of all the beautiful things that God created on this earth, perhaps none comes close to the  beauty found in flowers. Flowers bring color and warmth into this world and we  all would be hard-pressed to find something else that can enliven this world  with such beauty.  Flowers can  come in many forms. They can come as fresh cut flowers or green and blooming  plants. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. With an  ever-expanding technology, more and more varieties of flowers are becoming  available all year round. Fresh cut flowers are flowers that can stand alone or mixed with other kinds. Either way,  they make a beautiful floral arrangement. An example of a fresh cut flower is  the anthurium. Anthuriums are exotic, tropical flowers with petal-like bracts  that can come in colors like green, pink, white and red. When anthuriums  blossom, their blooms are have a feel similar to patent leather. When they come  as a cut flower, they can live up to about three weeks. 

Another example  of a beautiful tropical flower is the Bird of Paradise. They are so-named  because they resemble the heads of tropical birds. These flowers have 6-inch,  multi-colored flowers placed inside pointy, green bracts. Their blooms come in  shades of bright orange with purple streaks.

Who isn't familiar with the daffodil? Daffodils have a cup surrounded by six outer petals  which gives it a unique look resembling a trumpet. Some stems produce just one  flower, while others produce them in bunches. The outer petals are either white  or yellow white cups may come in slightly more shades like yellow, orange,  salmon and white. What about daisies? Daisies, sometimes called gerbera daisies,  grow in many sizes and come in different varieties. Some daisies come in spider,  double-flowered or single-flowered varieties. They also come in a dazzling array  of colors like pink, gold, salmon, cream, yellow and white. Then there’s  the rose, of course. This classic favorite comes in about 120 varieties and  comes in practically all colors of the rainbow. They come in shades of pinks,  purples, oranges, corals, whites and blues. Green and blooming plants are just as beautiful as other kinds of flowers. 

One of the most  popular blooming plant is the Africa violet. African violets have cute,  heart-shaped leaves and their petals come in a wide spectrum of colors as well,  including purple, lavender, pink, yellow and white. 

A favorite  blooming plant is the orchid. Currently there are about 17,000 species of orchid  varieties known, all of them just as striking and beautiful as the other.  The  fragrant lily is another classic blooming plant. The lily, sometimes called the  Easter lily, have long, narrow leaves which hide a lone stem. At the top,  however, they split into three to seven stems with a single bud each. When they  blossom, they can last up to three weeks.  These are just some examples of Mother Nature’s work of art, that indeed, bring  magic and color to our everyday world.



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